Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Richmond Basin

Mike & I took a drive up to Richmond Basin about two weeks ago. It was so beautiful. Lovely warm weather and still lots of green.This hawk was HUGE...he posed for me on a branch, but by the time I got my camera all ready to click a pic, he started flying off. ugh - I need to get faster!This mountain has a Native American Dwelling Ruins on top of it. Mike & I are talking about doing a hike so we can get an up-close experience with it. (Pictures will follow if we go!) Don't you just love the way that something so ordinary like a desert plant is so elegant in its own way? I think I want to blow this pic up and put it on the wall in my livingroom. And here is the Blue Agave plant... (Yep, it is the key ingredient in tequila...well, welcome to the southwest, right? Stuff like this grows here.) More views of our hills in Globe. I love this stuff...an old dead cactus makes a really pretty stick (did I just say that?) This is a picture of a mine-shaft. Well there WAS some barracade around it (if that is what you want to call it...there are some wires and boards laying on the ground near it.) Of course, I had to get a 'barbed wire' picture. And these are the PINES...well, they aren't too much taller than our truck, but we do have trees...so YAY! And just to make us feel like it is Christmas time...some Holly is growing and getting bright red berries. Not much in the way of wildlife, so I took a picture of a boring old cow. ha ha ha No idea what this tree is, I never saw one before (never noticed one before) now I am seeing them EVERYWHERE. Very waxy leaves and the thing that looks like a flower, sort-of feels like a cone. It is tough like a tree branch. Pretty though. And that is pretty much how it looks in Richmond Basin. I recommend it to EVERYONE!

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