Friday, September 2, 2011

Fire in the Pinals

Mike & I went for a little drive today to see the area that the fire is burning. It was a really fun afternoon......evening. The fire started (I think) a couple weeks ago, but seems to be staying pretty much under control. Understand it was started by lightening and there was an engine up there tonight back-burning to keep the fire from spreading. A communication tower is located at the top of Madera Peak that could be endangered, so they are keeping a close eye. Here are a few of our photos from the trip.

The sun was starting to set and it was just amazing to see the smoke & light on the mountains. Overwhelming. Makes you stop & realize that life is short and we need to appreciate each moment while we have it.We saw this beautiful windmill...These FULL prickly pear fruits (the wasps were swarming everywhere)...And this rattlesnake!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! I LOVE these pics!! I actually miss cactus (rattlesnakes...not so much). :)