Friday, April 8, 2011

It's getting 'springy' out there...

Mike & I went for a drive last weekend and saw some of the great sights within a few miles of our house. Here is a little of what we saw:
This little horney toad ran across the ground and I nearly stepped on him. I stopped and took about 30 gajillion pictures of him. Isn't he CUTE?Here he is next to Mike's you can see the actual size of this dinosaur :)The plants are getting leaves & flowers...Just had to share this picture...this is the landscape between Globe & Dripping Springs. You can tell there was a massive earth movement to shove the ground up into mountains long ago. I need to get more (better) pictures of this to show is SO AMAZING.

This weekend we plan to get out more and hopefully I can show you all these amazing wild-flowers that are popping up everywhere!!!
And remember, if you are headed to Globe... BEWARE of those traffic cameras. Word is that they are looking for everything from red-light-runners, tail-gaters, speeders, etc...
(Still having difficulty getting used to how BRIGHT everything is. I think I may be buying a new pair of sunglasses this weekend...and maybe a different filter for the camera too)

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